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UpVisit Early Bird

With UpVisit Early Bird you get our starter package! We upgrade your Space and list it on our platform.

Additional features can be added at any time as required.


UpVisit Early Bird

Included features:

  • Hosting + attractive presentation
  • Be saved on user watchlists
  • 1 interactive image with 20 content annotations​
  • Place accessible via QR Code Scan​
  • Multimedia-Items: Text and images​

Term: 12 months
Start of term: With sending the login data.

14 days free trial.

After completing your booking, you will receive your login details by e-mail. Your test period begins with the receipt of this personal login. You can cancel your booking at any time within 14 days – an informal e-mail to customer-success@upvisit.io is sufficient. You will only receive your invoice from us after the trial period has expired.

Total:                             99,00€/month
(plus 19% VAT)

Annual billing in advance. After expiry of the trial period, 1.188€ (plus VAT) will be invoiced.

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