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Learning Spaces 4.0: Make learning an experience

A dynamic working world requires dynamic solutions. Individuality and flexibility are the keywords here. Create an experiential learning space with UpVisit and tap into the potential that your competitors have not yet discovered for themselves.

Why an app for learning?

Extend your learning environment into the digital space with UpVisit and create a Smart Learning Environment with our platform that puts users at the center.

With the UpVisit app, you can keep everyone up to date and transform the delivery of information into a true experience. At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to collect usage data that gives you valuable insights into the behavior and needs of your target groups. This allows you to continuously optimize your presence and get the best for everyone. Get started and give your users a learning experience they’ll remember.

Why UpVisit for your company?

Free Base Version

The basic version is the perfect way to take a first step towards the app – and for free. A piece of your company to download to your own smartphone.

Flexible Choice

Minimal configuration effort and yet highly individual. Add and remove features according to your own needs.

Stay up-to-date

Easily update, add and delete content. Incl. regular technical updates and new features to choose from – at no additional cost.

Create your phygital space in no time!