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No budget for digitization? Your path to a free audio guide starts here…

Put an end to rental devices. Offer your visitors the convenience of downloading your audio guide to their own smartphones – at no cost to your museum.

Why an audio guide app?

Extend your exhibition into the digital space with Upvisit and make your exhibits directly experienceable as part of our platform.

With Upvisit, you can provide additional information about your exhibits quickly and easily for your visitors – we provide the necessary reach directly through our platform. Communicate and interact with your focus group before, during and after the visit and collect valuable usage data. Get started together with Upvisit and turn your museum into a digital experience.

Why UpVisit for your museum?

Free Base Version

The basic version is the perfect way to take a first step towards the app – and for free. Your audio guide to download to your own smartphone.

Flexible Choice

Minimal configuration effort and yet highly individual. Add and remove features according to your own needs.

Generate Reach

Our platform solution helps to increase the reach for your own offer in no time.

The Maritime Erlebniswelt Papenburg app sends our visitors on their own personal journey through the history of the city and offers the target groups new opportunities to interact with the topics of the exhibition during and after their visit. Thanks to the platform solution, the implementation went smoothly and very quickly. The easy-to-use backend makes it child’s play to adapt or add content, even for the inexperienced.

Sabine Pinkernell
Managing Director LGS gGmbH Papenburg

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