Thats a widget.

It’s so easy to digitize your retail store!

Online stores are complex and expensive? Not with UpVisit. Create the perfect harmony between online and offline for your offer with our platform solution. Bring your highlight products to life and tell product stories from origin to application.

How does a store app benefit me as a retailer?

Extend your sales floor into the digital space and bring your highlight products to life with exciting stories using our platform.

For years, there has been talk of a battle between online and offline in retail. But does it necessarily have to be a battle? Be one of the pioneers and create a phygital experience with a noticeable added value for your clientele by combining both worlds.

Why UpVisit for your store?

Free Base Version

The basic version is the perfect way to take a first step towards the app – and for free. A piece of your company to download to your own smartphone.

Flexible Choice

Minimal configuration effort and yet highly individual. Add and remove features according to your own needs.

Generate Reach

Our platform solution helps to increase the reach for your own offer in no time.

Create your phygital space in no time!