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UpVisit enables you to offer digital experiences on site in the simplest possible way: UpVisit is a powerful app with an easy-to-use AI-infused CMS for creating interactive images, gamification, indoor navigation, audio guides and much more – accessible on-site via QR codes.

Businesses and organisations from many different industries choose UpVisit to digitise their venues.

With UpVisit, every place can become explorable: shops, trade fairs, events, museums, exhibition spaces, cities, learning environments, restaurants, cafés, hotels, golf courses, cultural attractions, natural sights, urban projects, […].

The presentation of your trade fair or event in an app is far superior to the conventional trade fair catalogue or programme folder. You not only save space and weight, but above all time.

Enable your exhibitors to show what they have to offer in multimedia and multilingual form, with text, images, audio and video. Allow your guests to efficiently plan and schedule their visit to your trade fair or event in advance with our watch lists. Give your visitors orientation with the help of 2D / 3D floor plans of the exhibition halls or a self-guided tour in combination with gamification.

A positive customer experience in your shop means that the customer feels valued, listened to and satisfied with their shopping experience in your shop. This can lead to increased loyalty, repeat business, positive word-of-mouth recommendations and a better reputation for your business.

Use interactive elements to present your products, production processes or supply chains in multimedia, text, image, audio and video. Offer your visitors orientation with interactive floor plans.

Through the use of interactive elements, museums and exhibitions can create an even more engaging and inspiring experience for visitors, making the museum and exhibition a more vibrant and interactive environment.

Provide further explanations through audio tours, secret content behind QR codes, and interactive floor plans for better orientation of your visitors.

The “own” app is a gamechanger for the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants and cafés). Inspire your guests with interactive experiences – before, during and after their visit with you.

Show your menu as an interactive element with multimedia content. Give your guests orientation with the help of 2D / 3D floor plans of your premises or your grounds or activate your visitors with a game.

All this is multilingual and easy for you to use even in your hectic everyday work.

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Your digital experience in an app, without the effort and cost of a lengthy app project.

We combine your space with good storytelling and our technology: imparting knowledge, presenting products, showing exhibits – with the help of 3D models, augmented reality, indoor navigation and much more.

Activate exactly those features that you need to digitally enhance your room. Thanks to our team of developers, you are left with minimal configuration effort, resulting in a highly individual experience. Unbeatably fast and cost-effective!

Digital touchpoints everywhere! Use the opportunity to offer visitors to your museum, shop, showroom, restaurant, city / region or trade fair additional content to a floor plan in 2D or 3D, your menu, a product image, a team photo or another exciting graphic in an intuitive way.

Always inspiring. Always multimedia: as text, image, video or audio. Gladly also multilingual: based on the language of your visitors’ mobile device.

Guide and inspire your museum visitors, your restaurant guests, the customers in your shop or the players on your sports fields with multimedia content.

Multimedia? Enrich your site with additional text, images, video or audio and convey your content in a vivid and emotional way. Easily publish it in all the languages you need to engage all your guests.

Offer a special incentive through playful elements and make the visit to your location a special and interactive experience.

What is gamification? Instead of just delivering content, use gamified elements to offer an experience that your visitors will enjoy. They engage longer with your content / brand and have fun doing it! For example, by collecting points, going on a scavenger hunt through your location or playfully taking part in a guided tour.

Guide your visitors digitally through your premises – whether it’s a shop, a museum, a sports venue, a city, a trade fair or any other location. Offer your visitors the opportunity to listen to the audio guide of your tour or exhibition on their own mobile device in multiple languages.

Eliminate costly museum rental devices that need to be repaired, charged, kept clean and collected at the end.

Link from UpVisit to your external content: for example, a landing page with documents to download or further information about your location, enable registration for your newsletter or an event, promote special offers or your online shop.

Through the targeted call to action, you ensure that the interested party not only looks at your website, but also acts. They may buy a product, use a service or at least leave their details.


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