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UpVisit makes digital information of physical places available and explorable. Users get individual recommendations, real-time content and the opportunity to book experiences while exploring a place or destination.

Make your space an interactive experience in our app.

We combine your space with good storytelling and our technology: imparting knowledge, presenting products, showing exhibits - with the help of 3D models, augmented reality, indoor navigation and much more.

Activate exactly those features that you need

... to digitally enhance your room. Thanks to our team of developers, you are left with minimal configuration effort, resulting in a highly individual experience. Unbeatably fast and cost-effective!

Your place as part of our UpVisit ecosystem:

Based on personal interests, we suggest your location to our users for a visit. Let visitors find you who don't know you today and benefit from new customer groups.

What makes UpVisit so special?

Three steps to a digital experience.

  1. Create your Place in minutes with UpVisit. In our intuitive content management system, you can add content to your Place – simply drag and drop to upload audio guides and other content.
  2. With the media kit automatically created in the content management system, you can distribute QR codes in your premises in no time at all, bringing visitors to the app.
  3. Within a very short time your app is available in our platform. With our platform you can add new features at any time (e.g. augmented reality), add new content and inspire young target groups!

Get into the UpVisit ecosystem in no time.

What comes to your mind when you think about introducing an app for your place? Probably the following scenario: the development process drags on for several months, there are communication difficulties due to the workload of the chosen agency, the costs get out of hand, no one is available to correct the bugs and in the end hardly anyone downloads the app.

UpVisit makes developing your own app a breeze – straightforward, fast and cost-effective. How do we do it? Our platform works like a construction kit – only for apps. You have full control over functionality and content at all times. All places that generate their app with UpVisit become part of our UpVisit ecosystem: one app for all places. 

3 steps to a digital experience / drei Schritte zum digitalen Erlebnisort
Upvisit Flexible Features

The intuitive UpVisit toolbox.

Enhancing your Place with UpVisit, and having your own app at the same time, is very easy: after registering on our platform, you can create your Place there – your museum, your shop, your showroom, your training room, … – as a “Place”. Our Professional package already includes the most important functions to get you started: We list your place on our platform, you can enrich images with additional content (for example a plan of your rooms) or upload your audio guide and users can save your content on a personal watchlist.

Once you publish your place, your space can be found on UpVisit. Then you also have the possibility to download individual QR codes for your place to point your visitors to your UpVisit app.

More experience, more visitors, more insights.

With UpVisit, your space becomes an interactive experience. Our features allow you to tell your story and expertise digitally – on the spot. Combine murals with moving images, floor plans with additional content or let your visitors navigate through your premises with our app, the audio guide at their fingertips. Via our content management system, you can easily book the required features and add your content at any time.

Within the UpVisit ecosystem, your space and your app will also be found by visitors who do not know you yet: We suggest your place for a visit to our users within our routes. Always based on the personal interests of the respective user. With our ecosystem, you tap into new customer groups and thus new potential.

And you won’t be left in the dark. Extensive insights give you valuable information about the behaviour of your visitors (GDPR-compliant) and enable you to optimise your content on an ongoing basis.

UpVisit Content Management System

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The Maritime Erlebniswelt Papenburg

… app sends our visitors on their own personal journey through the history of the city and offers the target groups new opportunities to interact with the topics of the exhibition during and after their visit. Thanks to the platform solution, the implementation went smoothly and very quickly. The easy-to-use backend makes it child’s play to adapt or add content, even for the inexperienced.

Sabine Pinkernell
Managing Director LGS gGmbH Papenburg

Sabine Pinkernell, Geschäftsführerin LGS gGmbH Papenburg

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