The vision that drives us:

The ultimate interconnection of physical space and the digital sphere.

Let’s get phygital.

Physical places are falling behind in the digital world.

Stores, cultural venues, museums, showrooms, exhibitions, galleries, archives, zoos, hotels, malls, eateries, city centers, amusement parks: they are all challenged by the increasing digitization of our world.

60% of all interactions already take place online – with a strong upward trend. The consequence: falling visitor numbers, declining sales, dying city centers. Yet physical places are home to a wealth of knowledge and an experiential value that the purely virtual world cannot offer.

Lost place: shop
Lost place: Museum
Comparison places without UpVisit versus with UpVisit

UpVisit empowers those without access to digital experiences

The operators of Places have recognized the need for digitization. The demand is gigantic: cities and museums tender for thousands of apps every year; the need is also great in retail.

If Places want to offer exciting, multi-media customer journeys rather than just appear on a map, the only option today is to develop their own apps or go to agencies – both of which are enormously expensive and time-consuming. Unfortunately, this results in numerous silo solutions, often paid for by taxpayers’ money, that fall short of expectations: People complain about poor service or lack of acceptance more often than not.

Our founders noticed at some point: Places have similar needs and could bundle their power in one platform. Users also want this bundling. That was the beginning of UpVisit.

Our Mission - Let's get phygital

We are the first and only platform that enables Places to deliver digital experiences regardless of size, budget or capacity. We empower our Places to create digital experiences on-site and increase their visibility everywhere with a low-cost, convenient, automated solution. We’re empowering visitors to find and explore Places in a whole new depth, and even make purchases like tickets in a centralized and personalized platform.

We also want to help public-sector clients: UpVisit offers a way out of the bidding madness and makes it possible to enrich special places like landmarks, museums and city centers with digital experiences without having to invest vast amounts of time and taxpayer money.

With everything we do, we deeply believe in making an important contribution to giving Places back the attractiveness and success they deserve.

Meet our beautiful team

Business, Visibility & External Relations

Katharina is a full-blooded entrepreneur and keynote speaker. After her role as head of digital in architecture, she founded the agency 7places and then UpVisit – always with the goal of making spaces digitally experiential. An inspiring leader with great vision, she drives business, visibility and external partnerships. She also represents our vision on stages, in podcasts and in the media.

Technology & Architecture

Baver has over 20 years of experience developing best-in-class B2C, B2B and B2B2C products and brings extensive knowledge in building and positioning the tech strategy of companies of all sizes. He cracked the toughest technical challenges and holds patents for various innovations. As a mentor and coach, he guides next generation engineers and leaders.

Operations, Product & Scaling

Alicia has digital transformation in her blood. The award-winning communications expert and serial founder brings more than 20 years of hands-on experience in digital business models and scaling innovative technologies. As a lecturer, start-up and policy advisor, she shares her knowledge and promotes digital sustainability in economy and society.


Full-Stack Developer

Performance-driven, ambitious, broadly knowledged tech enthusiast with vast startup experience and a true leader‘s mind.


Head of Marketing & Operations

Highly structured, creative, customer-centered manager with full, proven toolbox of funnel- and profit center building.


Head of Places

Award-winning architect & space designer with masters in smart city and strong drive to disrupt our living spaces.


Front-End Developer

Results-driven front-end developer, dedicated to staying at the forefront of technology trends. A consummate professional, known for crafting innovative user experiences.


Head of Design

Award-winning, industry-proven, user-obsessed digital design professional with incredible branding talent.

Office Dog Coco


Office Dog

Cute, playful and energetic beagle with a passion for making everyone in the office smile.

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