Plans & pricing for interactive experiences on site

Everything you need to make your place an interactive experience is already developed and ready for you to publish your content. How interactive do you want your museum, shop, showroom, gallery, etc. to be?

No matter which package you choose: You always start with a 14-day free trial period. 

Best Practice

Do you want to turn your location into a multimedia interactive experience?


We upgrade your place with our defined feature set for places, that want to become an interactive experience – with multimedia and multilingual content.

Hosting & attractive presentation

Be saved on user watchlists

10 interactive images with 99 content annotations

Place & items accessible via QR code

Multimedia: text, images, audio & video

Multilingual: 2 languages​


All Inclusive

Do you want to be able to use all newly developed features forever?


We upgrade your place with our Best Practice Licence + you get access to all our visibility and activation packages + access to all future developed features.

Best Practice Licence

Conversion Package

Outbound links to your social channels, online shop or other + 3 additional language slots

Gamification Package

Activate your visitors with small games, e.g. a scavenger hunt or a quiz. Use the games to guide your visitors through your entire premises.

AI Package

Use AI that makes your design process more efficient, creative and easy - directly in the UpVisit CMS.

Analytics Package

Gain valuable insights into the behaviour of your visitors through GDPR-compliant analysis of usage data and optimise your spaces accordingly.

All future newly developed features


Do you want to develop your individual features together with us?


Together we create the digital experience that suits your place best – individual features, unlimited locations, multiple users and an extra load of branding.

All developed features

Conversion Package

Gamification Package

AI Package

Analytics Package

All future newly developed features

Key Account Support

Access to an individual set of features

Instate and maintain multiple places

Assign multiple owners per account


App Download on-site: your Logo appears on the onboarding screen / QR code scanning on-site: your logo appears on splash screen "powered by UpVisit"

Dedicated "pinned places" for touch screens

Create places that are exclusively shown on touchscreens inside of the place. All other features apply.

Icon Additional Features

Individual Features?
More Places?

We would be happy to develop an individual feature together with you – tailor-made from scratch – on the basis of an individual offer. Also if you want to onboard more than one place at the same time: Please feel free to contact us.

Icon NGO

Public place or NGO?

Special conditions apply to you, which we would be happy to present to you in a personal meeting. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Icon Affiliate

UpVisit Partner Program

Affiliate programmes are a great way to participate in other people’s products through outreach and marketing. Become a partner now!