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A vision that drives us:
The ultimate interconnection
of physical space and the digital sphere.

The digital transformation is advancing relentlessly. But while the digital world continues to evolve, the physical places around us are falling further and further behind.

The knowledge of the world is still analogue…

Museums, exhibitions, galleries, archives: especially (public) learning and experience spaces are left behind already.

Dwindling visitor numbers, lack of connection to visitors, no interface to the learning of the future, in short: a stiff and static experience from the 20th century.

Yet these places house many answers to our future, we have just simply lost access to their rich knowledge.

… but the actual problem goes much deeper!

All kinds of “boring” physical spaces face the same challenge today:

The digital world has taken over, the “real world” becomes unattractive if it doesn’t fit into an Instagram post or a TikTok reel, the Metaverse is the next best thing to hype…

Our Mission

A digital operating system for upgrading physical spaces, with DeepTech access and a focus on consistently connecting the analog and digital worlds.

Welcome to UpVisit!

The Founders

Katharina Aguilar

Vision & Visibility

Katharina is an entrepreneur, speaker and trained moderator. After almost 10 years in the innovation and startup sector of the automotive industry, she followed the inner call to found her own company.
With great vision and a deep sense for zeitgeist and future trends, she dives into the future of our living spaces. She is a future shaper who doesn’t talk, but does.

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Alicia Sophia Hinon

Product & Scaling

Alicia has digital transformation in her blood. The award-winning communications expert and serial founder brings more than 20 years of hands-on experience in digital business models and scaling innovative technologies. As a lecturer, start-up and policy advisor, she shares her knowledge and promotes digital sustainability in economy and society.

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Baver Acu

Technology & Architecture

Baver has over 20 years of experience developing best-in-class B2C, B2B and B2B2C products and brings extensive knowledge in building and positioning the tech strategy of companies of all sizes. He cracked the toughest technical challenges and holds patents for various innovations. As a mentor and coach, he guides next generation engineers and leaders.

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