Your digital space meets our construction kit

Creating an app has never been easier. In less than 5 minutes you can create your own app and bring your space to life with our features. As a member of our UpVisit ecosystem, your space can also be suggested to visitors in other experience locations and become a point of interest in our discovery tours.

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Your digital presence – without effort and risk-free

We list and publish your place in our app and make it accessible to new visitor groups. This is the basis for benefiting from all other features.

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Digital touch points everywhere

Use the possibility to offer your visitors additional content to a product image, a floor plan (or similar) in an intuitive way – as text, image, video or audio.

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3D floor plan

Change your visitors’ perspective: make it easier for them to find their way around with the interactive and realistic 3D floor plan.

Audio Guide Icon

Audio guide

Guide your visitors digitally through your space. Offer your visitors the possibility to listen to the audio guide of your guided tour or exhibition on their own mobile device.

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Creating and preserving memories

Information on demand: Offer your visitors the possibility to save content individually. The content can be accessed regardless of time and place.

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Navigation and hidden content

Offer your visitors detailed information about your products, exhibits, services or company by scanning QR codes on site.

Content creation with AI support

Use AI that makes your design process more efficient, creative and easy – directly in the UpVisit CMS.

Device-independent content delivery

Create places that are shown on touchscreens inside of the place – or what about Apple glasses?

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Usage analysis

Gain valuable insights into the behaviour of your visitors through GDPR-compliant analysis of usage data and optimise your spaces accordingly.

UpVisit feature: statistics
Video Icon


Enrich your site with additional content by adding several videos. A video helps you to convey your content in a clear and emotional way.

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Interaction possibilities

Link to your content from our app – for example, a landing page with more information about your location, a special offer or your newsletter

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Offer a special incentive through playful elements (e.g. collecting points, finding qr codes, take part in a quiz) and make the use of your app a very special experience.

Additional Features

Augmented Reality Icon

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Experience with all senses: Encourage your visitors to interact by bringing your exhibits to life through augmented reality.
Interactive Floor Plan Icon

Indoor Navigation

Indoor Navigation

Change your visitors' perspective: make it easier for them to navigate within your location with the interactive and realistic 3D floor plan.
Lead Generation Icon

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Stay in touch with your visitors in the long term: Include lead generation features (e.g. newsletter sign-up) and contact your target group again.

Explorer Routes

Explorer Routes

Become part of our discovery routes and let new visitors find you. Accompany your visitors through the immediate surroundings after they have left your place.
Virtual Tour Icon

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Accessible: Allow interested people access to your premises even if they cannot be on site. Offer them a virtual tour of your premises.
Browser Icon

Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App

Alternatively, you can also publish your app content on a website optimised for mobile devices. An app download is then no longer necessary.
Automatic Content Creation Icon

Automatic Content Creation

Automatic Content Creation

Create and optimise your content automatically with functions such as drag & drop and text-to-speech. If you wish, we can support you with the digitisation of your content.
Individual Branding Icon

Individual Branding

Individual Branding

You want your app to also communicate your brand and your corporate values? No problem! We will be happy to integrate your individual branding into your app.
Individual Features Icon

Individual Features

Individual Features

We are also happy to develop additional functions for you that are not yet available in our marketplace. Please get in touch with us!