Bring your own device: 6 Reasons why a Museum should offer an Audio Guide

Woman in a museum listening to an audio guide / Frau in einem Museum die einem Audio Guide zuhört
Put an end to rental devices. Offer your visitors the convenience of downloading your audio guide to their own smartphones.

Audio guides are already an integral part of the experience in many museums. Today, however, no one wants to pick up an old museum bone to consume the content. We’ll show you why you too need a (contemporary) audio guide and how you can implement one quickly and cost-effectively.


Enhance Visitor Experience:

Audio guides can provide a more immersive experience for visitors by offering additional context, interpretation, and storytelling. They can provide detailed information about the exhibits, the artists or creators, and the historical and cultural significance of the artworks or artifacts.



Let visitors explore the museum at their own pace and on their own schedule using your audio guide. Visitors can choose which exhibits to focus on and how much time they want to spend on each exhibit.



Make it easier for international visitors or those with limited language skills to understand the exhibits with audio guides in multiple languages. Audio guides can also be designed to be accessible for visitors with visual impairments or other disabilities.


Increased Engagement:

Increase visitor engagement by encouraging your visitors to interact with the exhibits and providing a more personalized experience. You can also make the museum experience more enjoyable for families and groups, as everyone can listen to the same information and discuss the exhibits together.



Audio guides can be an additional source of revenue for museums, as they can be offered for a fee or included as part of a premium admission package. This can help museums to fund new exhibits or improve their facilities.


Bring your own device:

Put an end to old, unhygienic, uncomfortable and expensive rental devices. Offer your visitors the convenience of downloading your audio guide to their own smartphones.


Overall, offering an audio guide – usable on the visitors’ devices – can help museums to provide a more engaging and enjoyable experience for visitors, while also making the museum more accessible and generating revenue. 


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