No developers, no stress: how to quickly find the right SaaS solution

No developers, no stress: how to quickly find the right SaaS solution
In today's fast-paced world where time and resources are scarce, choosing your SaaS license should be as hassle-free and fun as the experience you want to create on-site.

You know the dilemma: You’re looking for a new software solution, and after a long search, you’ve found what you think is the right vendor. But the search is not over yet. Now the search and comparison work go into more depth. Which license model is the right one for your needs? Where do price and performance match your own requirements? Often, you can’t find your way through the jungle of licenses and add-on packages and find yourself struggling with the project right from the start.

The UpVisit Adviser

You are not alone in this. The world of licensing can often be complicated. Much like the instructions for DIY furniture – and at least as confusing!

At UpVisit, we believe that not only should the software itself be powerful, but the selection process should also be fun. We’ve developed a fun, humorous questionnaire that will not only show you if UpVisit is the right solution for you, but also help you decide on the right license and put a smile on your face along the way. After all, why shouldn’t choosing your SaaS license be as entertaining as having a good conversation with a friend?

Let’s dive in together and find out which UpVisit license is the perfect fit for your location and your unique on-site experience. Let’s go!

About Us:

UpVisit is a powerful app with an easy-to-use content management system for creating audio guides, interactive images, indoor navigation and much more. All without in-house development teams or an agency project. Accessible on-site via QR codes.

We are dedicated to connecting real spaces and the virtual world. Whether it’s museums, exhibition spaces, cities, stores, learning environments, the hospitality industry, golf courses, cultural attractions, landmarks, or urban projects. To all of them, UpVisit allows to offer on-site interactive experiences in the simplest way.


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