Fast Forward Towards a Hybrid World: Ein Blick in Unsere Phygitale Zukunft

Keynote Speaker Katharina Aguilar
Keynote Katharina Aguilar - Mensch & Computer 2022 - fast forward towards a hybrid world

The merging of the analogue and digital worlds is more noticeable today than ever before. The separation between humans and computers has long since ceased to exist and the influences of analogue and digital systems on each other are profound. It seems as if a world created by digital technologies is emerging, optimised by algorithms and kept alive by computers.

Katharina Aguilar, co-founder of UpVisit, takes us through her vision of this world, which she realises by bringing our living spaces into the digital age. She shows us how hybrid, life-changing places and experiences are created where the analogue and digital worlds come together. Data-driven design plays an important role in this, as does the creation of new user interfaces and touchpoints in highly emotional customer journeys, and the creation of algorithms that decode our environment. In their world, aesthetics, added value and technology combine to create a highly exciting phygital future.

This video was created and provided by German U.P.A..

Fast Forward Towards a Hybrid World: A Glimpse into Our Phygital Future


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