Case Study: How a specialty store brings a unique shopping experience with digital support

UpVisit x vomFass | Per QR-Code Scan am Regal finden BesucherInnen interaktive Informationen über die Produkte bei vomFass in Stuttgart
…and how you too can inspire your visitors with an app that is seamlessly integrated into the physical space.

UpVisit complements the visit to vomFass in a charming way. The app, just like a knowledgeable sommelier at your fingertips, leads the visitor through the vinegars, oils, spirits, liqueurs, wines and exclusive whiskeys. Beyond the quality of the products, it is the distinct experiential edge over the competitors that ignites enthusiasm among both the sellers and the loyal customers, ultimately leading to increased sales along the way.

Short excerpt from the case study:

  • 100% Net Promoter Score
  • The young target group up to 50 years of age is most excited.
  • > 90% cost saving – compared to in-house development.

But how did we do that? Find out now.


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