The challenges of developing your own app: hurdles beyond go-live.

The challenges of developing your own app: hurdles beyond go-live.
Developing your own app can be an exciting way for businesses to connect digital experiences with physical locations and expand their reach. But the process also presents a number of challenges.

In today’s digital era, a dedicated app or digital discoverability is essential for businesses. An app enables a direct connection to customers, personalised offers and an enhanced customer experience. It extends reach beyond the physical location and provides a competitive advantage. In addition, an app optimises internal business processes, provides data-driven insights and enables informed decision-making. In short, an app is key to succeeding in the digital world and realising the full potential of the business.

In this article, we take a look at the main hurdles one may face during app development and how to successfully overcome them.

Multilingualism and accessibility - For a broad user base

In a globalised world, it is important that apps are multilingual and accessible to reach a wider audience. The challenge is to easily translate the app content and adapt the user interface for different languages. Similarly, accessibility standards need to be considered to make the app accessible to people with disabilities. A good platform offers integrated tools to meet these requirements.

Scalability and integrations - For app growth.

A successful app should be scalable to handle the increasing volume of users. It is important that the platform on which the app is developed provides a solid infrastructure to support growth. In addition, integrations with other systems should be possible to seamlessly integrate the app with existing business processes and further increase its usefulness.

Go-Live - The starting signal for success

The go-live of an app marks the beginning of public access, but also brings new challenges. Security is a crucial factor, as sensitive data must be protected. Regular updates and bug fixes are also essential to ensure smooth functionality. It is also important to collect user feedback and make adjustments based on user needs and desires.

Maintenance and support - continuous improvement

Even after go-live, the work on the app is not over. Continuous maintenance and support are required to keep the app bug-free and secure. Monitoring performance and usage statistics makes it possible to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. Based on user feedback, further updates and improvements can be made to continuously adapt the app to users’ needs and provide them with an optimal experience.

Programming skills - Do you have to be an expert?

The first thought when developing an app is often the need for extensive programming knowledge. But thanks to modern platforms like, it is possible to create your own app without deep technical knowledge. These no-code/low-code platforms offer user-friendly interfaces and intuitive drag-and-drop functions that make it possible to develop apps quickly and easily.


Developing your own app may seem like a challenge at first, but with the right tools and strategies, these hurdles can be successfully overcome. No-code/low-code platforms such as allow businesses to create their own app without extensive programming knowledge and connect digital experiences with physical locations. Multilingualism and accessibility are important factors in appealing to a broad user base, while go-live marks the starting point for success and ongoing maintenance and support are required to keep the app bug-free and secure. Scalability and integrations can support the growth of the app, while continuous improvements based on user feedback ensure an optimal user experience.

With and similar platforms, businesses can overcome the challenges of app development and realise their own app in a short time. Learn more about the platform and start your app project today to connect digital experiences with physical locations and take your business to the next level.

Don’t hesitate to start this exciting journey and explore the potential of your business. The world of mobile/digital experience is waiting to be conquered by you!


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