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vomFass lebt nach dem Motte sehen - probieren - genießen
In detail: our customer vomFass. On-site, customers should be offered a convenient and seamless shopping experience.

Back in the early nineties, the enterprising Johannes Kiderlen, then owner of 25 beverage stores, discovered his new sales idea. He observed that there were more and more single households preferring smaller quantities and higher quality. On a trial basis, Kiderlen decanted sherry into barrels and tapped the desired quantity depending on the individual needs of the customers.

Since then, visitors to vomFass have been able to purchase fine vinegars and oils, exquisite wines, liqueurs and spirits, which can be individually filled directly from the barrel, clay jug or glass balloon. Under the motto “See – Taste – Enjoy”, customers can subject each item to a taste test on their own palate before buying.

Since the company was founded in 1994, the vomFass concept has been expanded on a franchise basis – including internationally. The company’s values remain constant: quality and sustainability, coupled with the pursuit of maximum customer satisfaction.

What are the challenges for vomFass?

VomFass operates in the highly competitive delicatessen and spirits market – both locally and online. The franchise company faces the challenge of standing out from larger retail chains, delicatessen chains and online marketplaces. The focus for vomFass is therefore on excellent advice and an individual experience on site in the store. vomFass wants to offer all visitors exclusive products and a pleasant experience that clearly stands out from the competition.

The focus for vomFass is on excellent advice and an individual experience on site in the store.

vomFass: "For us, sustainability also means being on site! Visit our specialty stores."

The team on the ground at the Stuttgart store understands the importance of appealing to a diverse audience that includes both older regulars and younger, tech-savvy visitors. Together, the challenge is to strike a good balance between preserving traditional and personal advice and incorporating new technologies, seamlessly integrating UpVisit into the store environment – without compromising the authenticity and value of personal advice and human interaction.

vomFass in UpVisit

What are vomFass' goals with its presence in UpVisit?

vomFass Stuttgart wants to expand its customer base and reach a broader audience. By using UpVisit, customers should be attracted from different geographic areas to increase awareness and growth of the store.

On-site, customers should be provided with a convenient and seamless shopping experience. Multimedia information about individual products on site is intended to simplify the selection of products, which are then tasted.

vomFass values customer loyalty and wants to strengthen relationships with existing customers. The Stuttgart team sees the UpVisit app as a long-term way to engage customers with exclusive offers, loyalty programs and interactive features that encourage repeat purchases and foster a sense of community among epicureans.

Currently, visitors to the app will find a selection of liqueurs, oils, balsams and vinegars, spirits, and spirits from the barrel. The focus here is on special products and recommendations that the store team wants to highlight.


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